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Fun Friends Program

The Fun Friends Program developed by Dr. Paula Barrett.


Kenny Koala is a special friend who visits each week to help. This program is nationally and internationally acclaimed for promoting social and emotional skills that stay with the children for life. Fun Friends is specifically developed for four to seven year-olds. There are other programs for older children, adolescents and adults. New Zealand, Canada and Ireland Education departments are currently implementing this program into their schools as part of their curriculum, Parents will be kept up to date on what's being discussed through notes that will go home after each session.


Here's a brief overview of what we'll cover...

  • feeling confident and brave

  • understanding and accepting differences

  • normalisation of feelings

  • making happy feelings grow

  • helping other people feel better

  • relaxation games - listening to your body

  • feelings vs thoughts

  • unhelpful RED thoughts and helpful GREEN thoughts

  • learning to be brave and trying new things by breaking hard things down into lots of little steps

  • being a good friend

  • role models

  • our circle of love and friends

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