A Typical Day

The Management Committee of our Kindy is mindful of the needs of the local community and provide two different session times for Kindy.  The longer session on Monday and Tuesday (8.30am to 4pm) and the five day fortnight (8.45am to 2.45pm).  From 2020 the Kindergarten will run two 5 day fortnight groups with Wednesday being the alternate day. 


Daily Schedule and Routine

***** Please note:  This schedule is the basic order of the day and is generally consistent, though the times are flexible… So if we’re having a really good time working on a project then free play time may last longer. Alternatively, if we’re really having a hard time sitting and listening at a group session, we’ll end early, do something more active, and come back later to finish. *****

8.30 am –  On arrival Margaret will be there to greet you and your child.  We encourage the children to locate their locker and store their belongings, place their lunch box on the trolley, their morning tea in the fridge, and put their shoes on the shoe rack.  Lyndi or Lauri will be waiting in the closed-in veranda to greet the children one by one with a smile and a friendly hello and encourages them to find a place to sit and be seated cross-legged (Kindy legs).  They may be read a story, play a quiet game or share stories from their home.


8.45 am – Once the majority of the children have arrived, Margaret begins the morning group session. Through this time children may share their ‘show and share’, we may mark the weather on a chart, and we always review our planning from the previous day and draw on the planning chart the extra activities set up at Kindy.

9.00 am – Indoor/Outdoor play/centres.  Different centres are set up at the tables and around the room and outdoor environment, e.g. creative art projects, some evoking manipulative skills.  Some of the regular centres are the dramatic ‘home corner’ area, book corner, blocks, sensory/water play, easel painting.  Children flow from centre to centre as their interests dictate.


Flexible Morning Tea – children are able to eat their morning tea from 9 am until 10.30 am as their hunger dictates.  This flexible morning tea allows for children to work on play projects through the morning and break from their ‘work’ when they are ready.


11.45 am – Pack-up jobs.  The children gather together and work as a team to tidy away their Kindergarten environment, preserving unfinished projects, and preparing the room for the next day’s play.

12.00 – Music session.  We all enjoy this important time together as a group.  Music is one of the most important areas of development for young children.  It contributes not only to listening skills, development of concentration, but also the pleasure of self expression.


12.20 pm – Story time.  This also is our reflection and planning time where we discuss what we did today, what we would like to do tomorrow, and what will we need to prepare for this to happen.  This planning is recorded on a chart in the Story room and is referred to the following morning in our group session to prepare for the day’s play.


12.40 pm – after washing hands we have our Lunch together

1 pm - Rest time.  The children are encouraged to quietly rest their bodies on their bed listening to some beautiful music in a darkened room. We begin rest time by reading a chapter book to the children.  We then play some beautiful music in the darkened room allowing time for those who need to sleep to fall asleep.  'Quiet Bags', with puppets, books, manipulative toys, are handed out to those who are not asleep.


2 pm – Packing up sheets and beds.

2.15 pm - Group session


2.45 pm – Home time for the 5 day fortnight group, or indoor free play/centres for the 2 day group – a chance to continue projects from the morning play sessions.


3.30 pm – Pack-up jobs.


3.40 pm – shared fruit afternoon tea


3.45 pm – as children finish eating their afternoon tea they gather for a group game time.


4.00 pm – Home

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Range Kindy welcomes students from Mapleton, Montville, Flaxton, Obi Obi, Kureelpa, Dulong, Nambour Heights and all surrounding areas.


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