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We value our beliefs and these are what guide our practice.

  • We believe that by creating a calm yet stimulating and positive atmosphere for children and staff, children can be supported to become successful learners.

  • We believe that experiences in the early childhood years underpin future dispositions to learning and the shaping of an individual’s sense of self. Because of this, we incorporate the personal experiences of all children into our classroom, building a comfortable and supportive learning environment.

  • We appreciate that you, the child’s parents, are the first and most important teachers and so value your hopes, values and priorities that you hold for your child.

  • Children learn best when experiences are meaningful to them, so the daily planning with the children is built from their interests – encouraging engagement and learning on a deeper level.

  • We believe that the social and moral learning that takes place in childhood is as important as the academic and so we will be sensitive and available whenever needed to support challenges and share celebrations in this learning.

  • We appreciate the individuality of each child and value their natural spontaneity and creativity, and so work to provide an environment (both physical and emotional) that allows children to fully participate, is flexible to their changing needs, and allows for creative expression on many levels.

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