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A Little History...


The Range Community Kindergarten began as a 'pack away' Kindergarten in 1986.


Under the direction of Mrs Cathy Lawrence (1986 - 1989), followed by Mrs Libby Cowderoy (1989 - 2000) the Kindergarten group learned, played and grew together at the historic Mapleton Hall. Sharing the Obi Obi Road premises with numerous community groups meant packing away the Kindergarten equipment in its entirety each day.

Our Story

In 1991, the Kindergarten was able to relocate to what is now its present location. Subsequent years have seen an array of bright and shining faces pass through this facility, all taking with them a wealth of learning and experience, but not without leaving their own valuable impressions from which subsequent generations may benefit. 

Since its foundation, The Range Community Kindergarten has steadily continued to improve and grow due to the involvement and dedication of its staff, parents and friends. With each year the buildings, grounds and equipment develop further as improvements and refurbishments are facilitated.

Our generous

Patrons Valerie and Gerry Zwart

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